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Guide Joker 2010 Restaurants at Sarlat and vicinity

Sorry : Unfortunately, the comments on this guide are actually only in french, but the decision bar, basic price and Joker rating still international and will be helpfull for you.

Because of the variety of the restaurant offer in sarladais, many restaurants, various quality, changing each year, the visitors of Sarlat.com wished a reliable guide. This adventure required competences and availabilities. Netsurfers give their opinion, and we asked a specialist to investigate for this guide, code name "Joker"...

The aim of the Guide Joker is not to give an opinion about gastronomy while substituting itself to the traditional guides but to direct its readers towards serious and renowned establishments, proposing them a maximum of points of reference notably thanks to the decision bar. This is as if you have an old friend in Sarlat.

Legends & Explanations

Here is an example for a restaurant :

Line 1 : name of the restaurant, category (underlined), basic prices, Joker rating
Lines 2, 3 and sometimes 4 : where to find in italics (address, phone, fax, website, email)
Line 4 or 5 : The decision bar
Last lines : The opinion of the Joker

Category : there is 4 essentials categories that define the restaurant.
- Restaurant of Gastronomie propose an elaborated and fine cooking, usually they are also in the traditional Guides
- Restaurant of Terroir propose essentially a very local cooking (they can have a more varied card). They are more frequented by the tourists.
- Generaliste is one have varied menus.
- Rapide as fast-food, for a quick eat, some propose more complete meals.

Basic prices :
- Price for the first proper menu. It can happen that we take in consideration the superior menu, the basic one not being pertinent (reduced portions, different, poor quality...) for example a restaurant proposing menus at 15, 30, 40 and 60 Euros usually should be indicated 30 in our guide.
- Prices are indicate 5 by 5 Euros, so a menu at 27 Euros will be indicated 30.

Joker rating : Subjective and independent of the decision bar. An average restaurant can obtain several Joker because we got pleasure to go there and this pleasure makes to forget certain lacks.
NB: no Joker means not necessarily that the restaurant is bad, simply that it does not attract us particularly or that there is other more interesting ones.
One we like, we go times in times, even we know that is not all perfect.
One we very much like, we go often. It is regular.
One loves, we go as soon as possible and we are always happy.
Exceptional, we don't have enough words to tell you...

The decision bar : THE exclusive tool of the Guide Joker And doubtless the most useful one for you. His entirety represents 100% displays in 8 values but of which the weight in percentage varies. In contrast to the Joker rating, we try to be very objective in the judgement of these elements.

Colors : This are visual assistances to appreciate the grade on 10. Green For 8,9 and 10. Orange For 6 and 7. Red For 5 and less. The vertical black line indicates the maximum by element.
Quality (Qualité) : 30% of the total.
When you go in a restaurant the first thing is the quality of the meal : Freshness, origin and choice of the products, quality of the preparations and sauces, taste value. We decide to make it the essential one.
Quantity (Quantité) : 10% of the total.
That depends on restaurant, in a farm inn one expects of big quantities, in a gastronomique one knows that the portions are restricted. We note the appropriateness of the quantities with the price and the category.
Prices (Prix) : 15% of the total.
The price can ruin you a meal. Of course, the price depend of the category, 30 or 40 Euros in basic prices for a gastronomique is normal. The price is also compared to others restaurants and to the remainder of the elements, a rare quality in this category for example can explain a light additional cost. A 9 or a 10 in this element means that this is cheaper, a 6 or a 5 means that this is too expensive.
Wine (Vin) : 5% of the total.
We added this element to denounce abuses on the price of wines and drinks. We rate also the range of the wines offer. This is not an essential point, you can eat without wine, that's why this value is 5%.
Hygiene : 10% of the total.
That groups together the cleanliness of the rooms and approaches, cook place, toilets (and their number) as well as the appearance of the personnel.
Look (Cadre) : 10% of the total.
First, the restaurant in itself, setting of the rooms and terrace, originality etc... Next we look at the exterior which importance varies.
Welcome (Accueil) : 10% of the total.
Here we rate, the sympathy of the person in charge of the restaurant. And also the welcome on phone, the small attentions etc...
Service : 10% of the total.
Here we rate the employees. And also the effectiveness of the service, the expectation time... Let us say that the welcome is what is around the meal, the service is during the meal.
% Total :
All that brings therefore to a figure that is the decision percentage according to the category and pretentions from the restaurant. This is not of course infallible, we are conscious that everyone does not expect the same things of a restaurant but let us say that above 75% the risks to be disappointed are weak, above 80% all is well usually, and above 85% this is a sure one.

Recommendations ? Usually when the opinion is long and detailled that mean we know well the place. You always can say that you come on our suggest (Sarlat.com, Guides Joker), at least that should assure you a special attention... Remind that every netsurfer is a possible Joker advisor !

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